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[GreenYes] Re: Anaerobic digestion vs. landfill methane

Hey Dennis,
Organics don't belong in the landfill. Landfill gas as far as I understand
is not all the methane it's pumped up to be and does release harmful
emissions. Also most of the gas from landfills escapes into the atmosphere
adding to global warming. I ran a project here in Athens GA. for 18 months
collecting source separated organics from restaurants and supermarkets. We
made the best compost and I always wanted to set up a digester and power our
city. I'm a couple of years ahead of GA. on the wave. Anyhow the best
methane is produced from clean organics. I'd look into emissions and methane
production. How much energy you get from a ton of organics and how fast!
Compared to mixing that ton into the landfill. Besides your by-product will
be compost. Remember the landfill guys are trying to stay in biz by filling
their dumps with organics so they can sell off the gas when it closes.
Anything but BRILLIANT. Go Zero Waste.

Good Luck,

Mark J. McConnell
Executive Director
Creative Earth Inc.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit
Devoted to environmental education

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Subject: [GreenYes] Anaerobic digestion vs. landfill methane

> I'm working on a proposal to build an anaerobic digester facility that
> would accept source separated food waste from businesses and schools
> and manure from local dairy farms for methane gas fired cogeneration.
> A landfill in our region generates energy from landfill methane and is
> in the process of expanding generating capacity. Some who support that
> effort argue that our proposed facility would, in essence, be taking
> potential feedstock from the landfill facility.
> Can anyone direct me to information and data pertaining to the benefits
> of source separation and AD vs. landfill gas capture to aid me in
> articultaing a response to that claim?
> Thanks in advance.
> >

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