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[GreenYes] Full cycle of recyclables and the production and use of the English cola can story


San Francisco has a great story to tell along those lines about its
discarded food composting programs, particularly from restaurants,
back to food and wine served in restaurants. Jack Macy did a great
presentation on that at our International Dialog on Proper Discards
Management in August 2004 in San Francisco. A copy of his
presentation can be found at:

Another related story (albeit the upstream side of the equation) is
the English can of Cola story from "NATURAL CAPITALISM" by Paul
Hawken, quoting a story in Lean Thinking, where they trace the
origins and pathways of a can of English cola. Didier Toque of the
DIL in Paris included that in a wonderful presentation at our
International Dialog as well. A copy of his presentation can be
found at:
(slides 11-16). If you want the text that corresponds to his
powerpoints, go to pp. 49-50 of Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken,
Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins, 1999.


At 12:54 PM 9/1/2006, you wrote:
>Is anyone familiar with studies that have followed one or more
>recyclable material (aluminum cans, office paper, etc.) from the
>curb to the aggregation, facility to the MRF, to the processor that
>converts the material to an appropriate feed stock, to the
>manufacturer that returns the material to the marketplace, to the
>consumer who purchases the item.
>I am looking for copies or, at a minimum, references.
>Thank you.
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