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[GreenYes] [CRRA] Urge Governor to Veto AB2449

Apologies for Cross-Postings:

Please join the CRRA Board (see below) and send Suggested Letter from
Earth Resource Foundation urging Governor to veto AB2449:


Contact the Governor

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

Email: To send an Email please
visit: <>

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

As a committed environmental activist with concerns about the plague
of non-biodegradable plastics that now threatens the earth's
ecosystems globally, I respectfully ask that you veto AB2449.

This bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Levine, was originally intended
to help eliminate the glut of plastic bags that are wasted as a
resource and end up as litter, landfill or in the ocean. At the last
minute and without notification, it was hijacked by the plastic
industry and its intent was changed completely!

The only benefit of the current version was already contained in the
original version: it would require grocery stores to collect plastic
carryout bags. This action will make little to no difference in the
number of bags disposed as many stores already do this, encouraged by
the current spike in scrap value for this type of plastic. However,
the amendment added on 8-28-06 prevents local governments from taking
any innovative measures to reduce plastic bag waste until after 2013.

The bill is unacceptable for 2 main reasons:
1. It inhibits the rights of local counties, cities and districts to
make the best decisions for their own local area and for themselves.
The amended bill now prohibits localities from imposing fees, bans,
levies, and restrictions on plastic carryout bags. Local actions
have often driven large, even global recycling improvements and
innovations in the past, and it is critical to retain local power and
flexibility so communities can control their own resource flows.

2. This bill, as written, will have very little discernable effect on
the amount of plastic going onto the streets, into the oceans or into
landfills. As stated above, stores already collect bags, but the vast
majority (80%) is thrown away. The language of this bill is defeating
environmental steps taken now and in the past to reduce, reuse, and
recycle. The bill is now crafted to allow plastic bag manufacturers
to continue to sell their polluting product without restraint or any
form of responsibility for the environmental consequences.

As the bill originally intended, we believe that this bill should:

a) require bags to contain recycled content

b) require stores to reduce their plastic bag usage as is
required by the work in San Francisco

c) require incentives for people that bring their own bags

d) include specific definitions of what stores are involved,
including malls, convenience stores, etc

e) require educational material be posted prominently in stores

f) provide money for education and/or enforcement

g) require education of all store personnel who will interact
with the public regarding the benefits of reusing bags & the
detrimental effects of petroleum products and the littering of plastic bags.

We will support future efforts to craft a more comprehensive bill
that will truly make a difference.
Please veto this bill and wait for a better one without these fatal
flaws that would curtail local innovation. We don't want our rights
taken away and we don't want more plastic in our oceans or in our communities.

Respectfully yours,

Your name and address

>From: RicAnthony@no.address
>Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 00:21:39 EDT
>Subject: [CRRA] Re: Urgent - AB2449 on Governors Desk - last week -
>please ask to Veto
>September 18, 2006
>Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
>State Capitol Building
>Sacramento, CA 95814
>TO: Governor Schwarzenegger,
>FROM: Board of Directors, California Resource Recovery Association
>SUBJECT: AB 2449 Levine) Restriction Of Local Authority To Manage
>Solid Waste
>The Assembly and Senate voted to approve AB 2449 (Levine). Initially this
>bill would have provided modest environmental benefits by requiring
>supermarkets to recycle plastic bags on-site. Unfortunately, the
>bill was amended, with
>pressure from the plastics industry, in ways that now make this bill
>The late amendment means that the bill now restricts localities from
>imposing fees, levies, and restrictions on plastic bags. The
>California Resource
>Recovery Association Board of Directors recommend a veto on this bill.
>Voluntary plastic bag redemption programs in grocery programs
>do not warrant taking
> away local governments ability to recover related disposal and pollution
>abatement costs.
>Please veto AB 2449.
>CC: Assembly Member Levine, CRRA, CAW
>Richard Anthony Policy Chair
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Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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