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[GreenYes] Re: Zero Waste Hierarchy of Highest and Best Uses

I agree with Alan Muller on this.
I will go so far to say that i think incineration and landfill as well as littering should be off the table as polluting methodologies. We should focus on managing resources in our hierarchy.

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I am in general agreement with the rank ordering of items. I think it would be useful to have a background document explaining the basis for the ordering. For example, what is the difference between "Landfill in âbioreactorâ designed without cost constraints" and WITH cost constraints? Everything in the real world has costs constraints... What do we really mean here?

In my own mind, I tend to classify processes as potentially vs not potentially acceptable. In Delaware, responding to persistent incineration promotion (originating with the crank Vasuki), there has been debate and misunderstanding over whether incineration should be "off the table," vs whether one has to look at it in order to *appear* objective and reasonable, vs those who consider this a real option. Does including incineration (of mixed garbage) in a hierarchy amount to taking sides in this sort of debate? Are some approaches "not potentially acceptable?"

To offer another (silly) example, a waste management option seriously considered by some Delaware households, and adopted by some of these, is to put their wastes in green poly bags and toss them by the side of the road for someone else (DOT crews and chain gangs) to pick up or for critters to scatter. For some reason this "option" is never brought up by waste managers and wonks but it is a live option for the "customer."


At 05:05 PM 9/27/2006 -0700, Gary Liss wrote:

Apologies for Cross-Postings

I've just drafted the attached Zero Waste Hierarchy of Highest and Best Use. I've also pasted it into the website of the Zero Waste Communities Yahoo Group, at: You may need to join the Yahoo group to access it. To do so, email ZeroWasteCommunities-subscribe@no.address or go to

This is based on the Environmental Hierarchy of Waste Management & Energy Production Methods / Fuels / Technologies, prepared by Mike Wall of the Energy Justice Network, 215-743-4884, catalyst@no.address, To get his chart, go to:

This is still in DRAFT form. I'd like you to review and comment on it. Please send me your comments directly in either WORD tracking tool, or as general email comments.

I'm particularly interested in hearing if there are major issues/practices missing, and if there should be a different order provided for any particular item.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation!


Gary Liss
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Alan Muller, Executive Director
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