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[GreenYes] Re: Surviving Startups..

A couple of ideas:

Buy a copy of _Creating A Life Worth Living_ by Carol Lloyd. She gives
great advice on just this phase, and has good material on identifying
your working style and planning for creative types as well.

Do self marketing. This starts with giving talks and ends with an
excellent web site (that gives information as well as tells people about
you). In the middle there are things like producing some index card
"micro resumes" with useful stuff on the back. Hand out 100 to people
and things will start happening.

Be open to stepping stone positions -- you often can't see the real
destination until you go a little further out in the stream (even if
that rock doesn't look very good!).

Find someone to meet with every couple of weeks who is also striving to
make goals. At your meetings discuss your plans and make commitments to
yourself. Then next time check in and find out how you did :-)


M.Simons wrote:

>We've got a lot of people here with lots of different experiences, ways
>they got into this field and interests.. hobbies, professionals, local
>organizers, educators, etc. etc.
>My question is more towards the people who have made this their life's
>How do you survive during the startup phases? How did you make it
>I've heard from people who have been working towards recycling and reuse
>efforts full time for whatever reason (personal drive, madness,
>motivation, dedication) and some who haven't had it pay them for thier
>efforts for years and years until it finally can..
>How did (or do) you do it? (And please don't just tell me "I'm frugal" or
>"I grow my own food off of compost" -- these sorts of things are clear.)
>Does that make sense? I've been working on my project for many years now
>and am feeling stressed. :(

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