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[GreenYes] Surviving Startups..

In a message dated 8/8/2006 4:03:14 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
msimons@no.address writes:My question is more towards the people who have made this
their life's work.. How do you survive during the startup phases? How did you
make it through?

My generation started in the 1970'ies as non profit environmental centers
that raised their money by recycling. Being counter culture types, living off
of the land and gong organic was the way of life. We had food co-op's and
co-op day care centers. Being communal was cool and when the oil boycott
caught the country without oil and energy prices were rising at 10% a year. A
lot of us thought we were right. It was the concept of family and community
that created all the good stuff that makes you go on.

I've heard from people who have been working towards recycling and reuse
efforts full time for whatever reason (personal drive, madness,
motivation, dedication) and some who haven't had it pay them for thier
efforts for years and years until it finally can..

How did (or do) you do it? (And please don't just tell me "I'm frugal" or
"I grow my own food off of compost" -- these sorts of things are clear.)

Does that make sense? I've been working on my project for many years now
and am feeling stressed. :(

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