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[GreenYes] Re: speaking of national campaigns

Thank you, Helen.

If I supply the materials, would you be the artist-in-residence? Vail is lovely this time of year.

(We'll need a producer).


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From: Helen Spiegelman <hspie@no.address>
What a funny post.

What if you were to create a vast sculpture with all these things. Maybe a maze in your front yard, or a local park. Maybe a message spelled out in the high school playing fields that could be read from above, calling on the producers to practice birth control. Tell the TV media.

Maybe it would be possible to get kids involved?


At 04:24 PM 8/15/2006, you wrote:

For several years, I have cleaned, sorted, and bagged household plastics that rode into my house (along with the food and drygoods I purchased) and that are NOT accepted by our local recycling programs (municipal, county and state levels) because these plastics are either (1) too expensive to ship or (2) not reusable or recyclable. The quantity has become astonishing. I have spent considerable hours searching online for end users, to no avail (not even postage pre-paid), because I do not have "tonnage" (yet) and the plastics are not commercial grade, i.e. not baled nor chipped.

At this point, I would just like to make a point; so, I would like to ship the plastics (at my expense, of course) to a destination that might prove effective, in that the recipient would possibly not throw the plastics into THEIR landfill or into THEIR municipal waste incinerator, in an effort to not contaminate THEIR local water or THEIR local air with dioxins, at least not before they consider, or maybe ponder later, the message that these plastics need a home (or the plastics industry should consider birth control).

Who would be the most likely effective recipient: The producer? My state governor? The President of the United States? Al Gore?

And is there someone else out there who has already done this, so I could follow in your footsteps. Maybe we could make the footsteps a trail and the trail a road?

Billie Kruger
Vail Valley, Colorado

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