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[GreenYes] Re: Biosolids. Incineration Efficiency

I have the statement that startech made into the public record which
addressed those concerns I will see if I can post it tomorrow.

There was also an ABC Network story on Star Tech's system expected

But frankly when someone gives me as a gov a 200 million dollar plant, fully
funds it, operates it and only wants my existing volume of waste and tippng
fee structure long term and assumes all liability including guarentees
against failure with a bond. I could care less. That was the only deal on the

There are countless stories of failure in schemes for MSW Bio Ethanol,
Gasification. One almost put Palm Beach County into bankruptcy a few years ago.

If Wall Street will not commit to fund it and EPA and EU has not or will not
permit it and the system is Not Mass Produced and commerically validated it
never makes it pass my shreader.
That was a very expensive personal lesson to learn!

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