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[GreenYes] Ans to the Collier County Phone Call today current Recycle vs Plasma recycle

Collier County person Please send me your E mail address so that I may send
you the details you requested.

Some questions were posed that probably would be of interest to Green

1. Waste Participation rates On site Redux and Disposal. Ans 100% State Law
and local Ordinances and Government REQUIRE all businesses to have waste
containers as a condition for a certificate of occupancy or Business license. If
you can dispose of your own waste on site and cheaper even make a profit who
needs a landfill or garbage truck?

2. What about the paper not recycled? Recycle it if it is profitable which
is very doubtful.

3. What about the trees that will be harvested for that paper.
Trees are not the only source of paper. Bio Ethanol from agricultural waste
makes as a by product the best paper making cellulose known. Also lignin a
natural wood preservative.

Would the $425,000,000 in the St Lucie Project be more valuable to the world
and environment if it were spent on recycle programs. Yes currently but the
St Lucie project is a step in the direction of Vision 21 and total systemic
recyling system of waste water, MSW, plastics and produces electrical power and
process energy in a compact module like they are engineering now in Japan.

Recycle Cost: If the price of an aluminum can is recycled a nickel eh but
if the recycle price was 1.00 ea would you have any on the curb!

How much is that other home made waste worth that is curbside? Today ZERO
got to pay to have it hauled away.

However if you can convert it to its true economic 100% NET BTU VALUE of
heat AC or electrical power with ZERO harmful emissions in a device the size of
a refrigerator. It would not be on the curb at anyone's home. 6 yards of
medical waste glass, plastic, rubber, paper and body parts and blood products
equals roughly 2,000,000 BTU. And that was in 2003.

No garbage trucks, no tipping fees, no local waste fees. How much does that
account for in a small business budget?
Around here in 2002 a small business owner selling sheds advised me it was
over 300.00 a month for the min size container.

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