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[GreenYes] Florida aims to learn energy lessons from Brazil FYI Leonard Wheeler

Florida aims to learn energy lessons from Brazil
South Florida Business Journal - 3:35 PM EDT Monday

* At the invitation of the governor of the São Paulo, the executive
director of _Florida FTAA_
("Florida%20FTAA"&t=southflorida) is on a mission to that city and Brasilia to
advance Florida's ethanol initiative and strengthen partnerships with Brazil.
Brian Dean is leading the mission at the invitation Claudio Lembo.
Group participants are Jorge L. Arrizurieta, chair of the international
policy group at _Akerman Senterfitt_
("Akerman%20Senterfitt"&t=southflorida) ; Dominique Virchaux, managing
partner at _Virchaux & Associates_
("Virchaux%20&%20Associates"&t=southflorida) ; Mario Fernandez, president of
("Guardeaqui"&t=southflorida) ; Timothy McCarthy, managing partner at _Hughes, Hubbard & Reed_
bin/search?q="Hughes,%20Hubbard%20&%20Reed"&t=southflorida) ; and Bill Perry, principal at _William Perry & Associates_
tes"&t=southflorida) .
"Brazil has led the way in the development and use of agriculturally derived
renewable sources of fuel, an accomplishment that, over three decades, has
led to an impressive public and private sector partnership," Dean said. "We
will be meeting with both governmental and industry leaders in our effort to
build synergies with Brazil toward the implementation of a regional energy
security policy that includes the core ingredients of the governor's policy
Gov. Jeb Bush has tasked Florida FTAA with advancing his "15 by '15" ethanol
initiative, which recommends the United States adopt a "hemispheric wide
approach to ethanol," developing a plan to pump 15 billion gallons of ethanol
into the marketplace by 2015.
"The U.S. could learn some important lessons from Brazil, which has achieved
the enviable goal of energy self-sufficiency with ethanol playing a vital
role," said Arrizurieta, mission delegate and co-chair of Florida FTAA's ethanol
advocacy committee.

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