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[GreenYes] Zero Beverage Container Waste Campaign

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Please endorse CRI's campaign for "Zero Beverage
Container Waste" and forward this to others to do so as well.

Gary Liss

>>From: "Pat Franklin" <pfranklin@no.address>
>>To: <gary@no.address>
>>Subject: 2020 Vision: Setting Our Sights on Zero Beverage Container Waste
>>Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 12:47:40 -0400
>>Dear Gary,
>>...I hope you'll want to be the first
>>individuals to endorse CRI's campaign for "Zero
>>Beverage Container Waste." The goal is to
>>reach zero beverage container waste by 2020,
>>with interim goals for cutting waste by 25%
>>(2008), 50% (2012), and 75% (2016). We began
>>soliciting funds for this campaign 2 years ago
>>and had hoped to launch the campaign in June of
>>2006 but we've been delayed. The website
>>is ready to go and is "live", but has not been
>>publicized. We'd also like to list you on a
>>page that is currently being developed. The
>>page will list local governments, NGO's,
>>businesses, schools and colleges, individuals,
>>etc who endorse a zero beverage container waste
>>goal AND are doing something to make it
>>happen. We'll have a couple of sentences
>>under the name, explaining what the group is
>>doing to reduce beverage container waste. The
>>group or individual name will link to the
>>group's website. Our
>>website (which is where the ZBC Waste pages
>>will be located) gets about 20,000 unique
>>visits a month. Please send the form back so
>>that we'll know whether or not you want to be a
>>part of this effort. And feel free to offer
>>suggestions for the campaign and the webpages.
>>Why focus on beverage containers? Millions of
>>consumers who recycle every day think that
>>because they recycle their bottles and cans,
>>everyone else is recycling too. Unfortunately,
>>thatâ??s not the case. Americans waste
>>(landfill, incinerate, or litter) twice as many
>>beverage containers as we recycle. In 2006,
>>more than 138 billion beverage bottles and cans
>>will not be recycled. Nationwide, thatâ??s
>>about 459 per
>>up from 300 per capita just a decade ago, and
>>this trend of increased wasting is expected to
>>continue. There is a great environmental cost
>>to replacing billions of wasted bottles and
>>cans with new containers made from virgin
>>materials: in terms of pollution, energy
>>squandered, and habitats disrupted by mining,
>>drilling, and other industrial activities.
>>We can't get to zero waste if we can't get to zero beverage container waste!
>>Look forward to talking to you.
>>Pat Franklin
>>Executive Director
>>Container Recycling Institute
>>Â? Yes, please sign us up as an endorser of Zero Beverage Container Waste.
>>Â? No, we're not interested in endorsing Zero
>>Beverage Container Waste at this time.
>>Name of Organization____________________________________________
>>Contact Person___________________________________________________
>>Container Recycling Institute
>>1776 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 800
>>Washington, D.C. 20036-1904
>>Tel.(202) 263-0999 Fax: (202) 263-0949
>>and <>

Gary Liss & Associates
Fax: 916-652-0485

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