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[GreenYes] Olympic Trials

In anticipation for the 2008 Olympic Track and Field Trials here in
Eugene, Oregon, I was wondering if :
*any of you worked on the Olympic Trials in Sacramento (whenever that
*have any information on planning for waste at this event, especially
labor hours and costs etc...
*and of course any contacts of waste warriors who did zero waste at
that event
*there is any info. out there on a business proposal for zero waste at
this event?

Here's the deal: The event is held at the University of Oregon for 10
days and just getting someone to recognize the waste component is
nearly impossible. It's very complex because it's held at the UO but
being brought here by the Convention and Visitors Bureau. And of
course, the city is involved.

The university hasn't figured any of this out yet and I'm just
guessing, but the "event" will have to pay the University for services,
location etc? It's all mirky waters at this point.

I guess they *whoever they is* have to raise money to fund stuff like
zero waste for example....but of course no one thinks of garbage and
waste as anything relevant and usually it is an oops that added at the
end of the planning process.

We're trying to make this a green event (zero waste, carbon credits and
anything else we can get going to green this event) as possible and
there is no interest from the incoming committee so anything we do will
have to be done through fundraising, business plans etc....uphill
battle...everyone has their priorities but it's the small grassroots
that is trying for the green component...too many players involved and
not enough players's a giant conundrum of figuring out who
has any authority?

We'd like to be pro-active and write a business plan and we're hoping
to get a grant for some collection containers (because this will be way
bigger than anything we've done).

Any advice or business plans or contacts or ideas or or or???? Maybe
you folks who did this in Atlanta at the actual Olympics could help me
figure this out? HELP!

Karyn Kaplan
Environmental Resource and Recycling Manager
University of Oregon

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