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[GreenYes] Re: Commercial (business) recycling - new program

Anyone else live in the wild, wild West where tipping fees are less
than $20/ton ($6 cy) and recycling is entirely voluntary? The state of
Idaho has not acknowledged that recycling is an important waste
management tool and many communities do not have programs. Boise is an
exception, but all of our programs are voluntary and will always be
voluntary until a Governor steps up and sets a new direction for the

Boise has one hauler and we intend to make all trash and recycling
(residential and commercial) exclusive to BFI. (Currently, commercial
recycling is non-exclusive to their contract.) There are no competing
haulers - at least no one interested in working city-wide collecting
all materials. Participation in recycling is voluntary and will have a
cost associated. Some businesses will realize a saving by decreasing
their container size or frequency, but many (most) will not. Under
that bright picture, what's the most effective way to sign up our
commercial entities for recycling? We've thought about mini-trash
audits and surveys, but are looking for advice from those that are

Thank you for the many great replies I have already received. I
welcome additional information.

[Boise is the capital and largest city in Idaho with a population of
~200,000, located in southwest Idaho. The population of Idaho is just
over 1 million. Boise's closest recycling markets are in Salt Lake
City and Portland. All recyclables leave the area by truck or by train
(mostly big metals).]

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