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[GreenYes] congrats to Greenpeace Argentina for their recent award !!

160Characters Announce 2006 Mobile Messaging Awards Winners

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Written by 160Characters

Friday, 26 May 2006
160 Characters, the independent <> mobile
messaging forum, today announced the winners of the third annual Global
Messaging Awards, the only industry awards that are solely dedicated to
mobile messaging.

Best "mobile-messaging" application: public sector/not for profit

Greenpeace (Argentina) - Green lobby mobileactivism
The Zero Waste campaign was the first initiative of Greenpeace Argentina in
which mobile-activism was the primary tool used to achieve a goal. Through
different "guerrilla" marketing tools, Greenpeace asked people to join us as
"mobile-activists" sending a SMS to our number and then encouraged them to
support and promote the campaign. SMS was also used to arrange spontaneous
meeting points and demonstrations. The result: the government of Buenos
Aires will implement a Zero Waste policy that will, by 2010, reduce urban
waste sent to landfills by 50%. Presenting the award, Mike Grenville said
that "there was enormous potential for mobile to be used to deliver
interactive services for both public sector and NGOs. The consumers have the
phones and are very well used to mobile messaging and Greenpeace Argentina
is a good example of what can be done."

Eric Lombardi

Executive Director/CEO

Eco-Cycle Inc

Boulder, CO. USA


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