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[GreenYes] Re: PVC Scraps Question-Need help with finding some.

HI, I wanted to add, as I did forget to mention that I am in Colorado.
(thanks Anne for the suggestion:)

I actually do a lot or research and one day was wondering what my yoga
mat was made out of, as I would get head aches. So once I did my
research learned that most yoga mats, are made out of PVC.

Once I learned this, I quickly started looking for other types. I did
learn at the time that there was really only one company, maybe 2 that
had a new type of mat called TPE, I quickly started to see if I could
start to bring these better for you mats into the US, as they are only
made overseas.

TPE-once put into a landfill will bio degrade, as far as my research
has shown me. Besides my project with PVC mats, I also can get people
these TPE mats, so please feel free to email e as well.

As for my project, I am looking for new un-used scraps. It does not
matter where you live, as you can ship them to me, or depending where
you are, I do work with other teachers to try and help.

Thank you and I hope this add on post helps more. I will post more
about TPE yoga mats later, it is my kids last day of school, and we are

thank you,

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