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FYI - I'm forwarding this for Steve Severtson and AF&PA...if you need
copies of the attachments he mentions let me know and I will forward the
files to you directly.

Christine McCoy

I have attached several publications on benign hot-melt PSAs, which
resulted from a research partnership between my group at the University of
Minnesota, H.B. Fuller Company (St. Paul, MN) and Boise Cascade Corp.
(International Falls, MN). The project was funded by the U.S. DOE through
the AF&PA Agenda 2020 Program. As a result of this work, we believe H.B.
Fuller Company can now provide benign hot-melt PSAs to meet any customer
specification without sacrificing performance, and these adhesives do not
cost any more than their conventional glues. Currently, Avery Dennison
offers a line of PS labels (EnviroSensitive?sect;) that are produced with
Fuller's benign PSAs and a second major producer plans to release a new
line of PS labels produced with Fuller's benign adhesives later this
It is important to point out that initially our efforts were focused on
PSA film, but we quickly realized that the label paper or facestock can
have a significant influence on PSA fragmentation. Our findings
demonstrate that for most PSAs, the adhesive alone cannot be certified as
benign. The entire laminate must be considered. For both of the PS label
product lines mentioned above, we worked with H.B. Fuller and the label
converters to identify the correct facestock for the selected adhesive

Currently, we are working with a new research partner, Franklin
International (Columbus, OH), on identifying the properties controlling
fragmentation of water-based PSAs during recycling operations. Water-based
systems are much more complex than the hot-melts, but it is important to
study these materials given that they compose a larger portion of the PSA
label market (about 80% vs. 15% for the hot-melts). Our ultimate
is to make it easy for label producers to supply the market with products
that do not interfere with the recycling process, so that high removal
efficiency during recycling operations simply becomes an accepted product
specification for PS labels being developed for paper applications.

If you have questions regarding the attached articles or our research
efforts, please call or email me.


Steve Severtson
Associate Professor
Department of Bio-based Products
University of Minnesota
2004 Folwell Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108
(612)625-5265 (Office)

On 27 Feb 2006, Clkunzler@no.address wrote:
> I've asked Steve Severtson at UMN to respond to this question. He has
> doing research on environmentally benign adhesives for AF&PA through
> Agenda 2020 program. Research to date has resulted in commercially
> available
> PSAs under the "Enviro Sensitive" brand label. He will provide further

> details.
> Conni
> Conni Kunzler
> Communications Consultant
> 703-243-2775
> 703-868-3276 (cell)
> clkunzler@no.address

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