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[GreenYes] Re: Sustainability Presentation Speakers

You don't say where you are Colleen, but you might be interested in the
work Grand Teton Lodge Company has been doing in this arena. Julie Klein
is environmental director who's been behind this - she's at
klein@no.address, and is a real dynamo. See recent press release below.
Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

Grand Teton Concessioner Has Its Guests Seeing Green
Source <>

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK, Wyo., March 7, 2006 - Grand Teton Lodge
Company is one of the first lodging companies in the U.S. to achieve
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 certification
for its environmental management program. The company's award-winning
Envision <> program takes a comprehensive,
systematic approach to sustainable business practices that preserve the

"Information is the key to changing behavior," said Julie Klein,
environmental director for Grand Teton. "By making our environmental
program the foundation of our operations, it's easy for our employees to
share this knowledge with our guests."

Grand Teton is the only National Park concessioner to partner with the
Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to promote responsible outdoor
use through a multifaceted education program. The company has also made
significant progress in other areas including energy and water use,
sustainable cuisine, green retailing, materials use and procurement,
infrastructure, recycling and waste reduction, and fuel management and
impacts. Some of the highlights include:

* Being one of the first Wyoming businesses to purchase
wind-generated electricity, which in just one year eliminated the
use of 80 tons of coal and prevented the release of 191 tons of
carbon dioxide air pollution, the leading greenhouse gas. The
company increases its commitment annually and currently purchases
nearly 6% of its total energy from this clean, renewable source.
* Offering sustainable cuisine in its restaurants with some of the
product purchases in 2005 including 4,314 lbs of buffalo, 787 lbs
of whole free-range chicken, 1,201 cases of organic baby greens,
13,944 heads of romaine lettuce, 469 lbs of organic herbs, and
2,799 lbs of wild fish
* Becoming one of the first National Park Service concessionaires to
offer biodiesel for sale to guests, with more than 17,000 gallons
sold in one operating season of the bio blend consisting of
10%-20% vegetable oil and 80%-90% petroleum diesel
* Utilizing E10 fuels (10% ethanol) in company vehicles and vended
at all public service stations
* Purchased hybrid and electrical vehicles for general staff use
* Developed a "Go Green, Get Green" package for meeting planners
that rewards them for conducting environmental-friendly meetings
and conventions.
* Reduced fuel and electricity consumption through the purchase of
Energy Star appliances and electronics
* Retrofitted plumbing fixtures while educating visitors and
employees on water and energy conservation measures resulting in a
13% overall energy reduction within one year, equating to an
annual water use reduction of more than a million gallons per year
* Emphasizing the reuse and recycling of packaging materials
amounting to the need for 12,000 less boxes on an annual basis in
2004 alone
* Offering a wide range of green items for consumer purchase in the
company's retail outlets including organic food products,
recycled-content paper products, natural personal care products,
natural and organic apparel, and gift items made with natural or
regional materials
* From bamboo flooring to recycled decking, incorporating the use
of green building materials for facility improvements
* Eliminating non-recyclable food and beverage paper products. The
replacement of paper cups in employee areas amounted to a savings
of 10,000 cups in a six month period.
* Limiting the use of printed materials and ensuring all documents
are printed with soy-based ink on a minimum of 30-percent,
post-consumer recycled paper
* Phasing out the use of individual guest room amenities for bulk
dispensers for products such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion
* Replacing petroleum oil in fleet vehicles with synthetic motor oil
that supports waste reduction as it lengthens the time between oil

"Recycling is just one-third of the equation for reducing negative
impacts on the environment," notes John W. Rutter, senior vice president
and chief operating officer for Grand Teton. "If we stop there, we've
failed. We must take the next steps in closing the loop by purchasing
and using sustainable products and those made from recycled-content
materials. It's a three-step process of reduce, reuse, and recycle."

Grand Teton Lodge Company is the largest concessioner in Grand Teton
National Park, operating the lodging, restaurants, activities and tours
at Jackson Lake Lodge, the four-diamond Jenny Lake Lodge and Colter Bay
Village as well as Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club located just outside
the Park in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Colleen wrote:

>I am a Program Director of an environmental organization planning an
>environmental workshop. I am looking for recommendations on
>professional speakers who present information about how businesses can
>'green up' their companies. I would like the presenter to focus on how
>by taking environmentally sustainable business steps, our local
>hospitality sector can 1) save money 2) help the environment and 3)
>increase favorable PR within the community. Topics like water and
>energy are of special interest. Does anyone have any suggestions of
>speakers/organizations that I could invite to present on such a topic?
>We don't have a huge budget, but are looking to fly someone out to
>present for 3-4 hours on a weekday (speaker fees, travel and lodging

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