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[GreenYes] Re: [CRRA] Know of any environmental fundraising ideas?

One environmental fundraisier we use at a few of our local libraries is recycling cell phones and ink/laser cartridges. The company we use is, they provide the boxes and shipping labels.

Another environmental fundraiser is Walmarts Kids Recycling Challenge .

Another options to use is

Laura Anthony

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As a mom of a couple boys, I get hit monthly with a new fundraising campaign at
one school or another. Of course, all the fundraising activities are either buy
magazines, candy or other items. It's really unfortunate all the junk the
schools want us to purchase. Does anyone know of any environmental fundraising
ideas that I can suggest to the school and PTA. It would be great if we could
find a company that we could purchase offsets, environmental products or
something like that, with a portion going to the schools.

I appreciate any ideas or thoughts.

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