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[GreenYes] Some recycling stats for Brazil of possible interest

Hi Greenyesers! Nice to see the list back up, although the new version
seems cumbersome.

This is an email I sent to the old list I guess as it was dying (Oct. 19),
so it appears no one ever received it.

Some statistics were recently released in Brazil which I thought Greenyes'rs
might be interested in. They're from a survey conducted by Sebrae, the
former government center (now privatized) that supports small and
medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) with studies and technical help, and Cempre,
the company-supported group on recycling issues. [Pat will probably cast
doubt on the stats because of Cempre's participation, but I'll repeat what
I've said before: until someone else conducts meaningful studies in Brazil,
it's what we all have to work with, and generally speaking, the Cempre
studies & stats have been better than most from industry sources.
Nonetheless, take them with the appropriate grain of salt.]

The two organizations looked at 2,898 enterprises originally identified as
involved in the recovery sector, 2,361 of which they could locate and
confirm that they were actually involved in recycling. These were sent a
questionnaire, 2,054 of which responded. Of the respondents, 54.1%
identified themselves as scrap dealers, 32.9% as recycling enterprises,
11.3% (364) as recycling cooperatives and similar groups, and 1.7% as
small-time scrap collectors and recyclers.

1,145 of these were located in the Southeast (São Paulo, Rio, etc), 722 in
the South (Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Santa Catarina), 301 in the Northeast
(Bahia, etc.), 150 in the Center-West (Mato Grosso, etc.), and 43 in the

In terms of the product that the 772 recycling enterprises recycle, 577 deal
with plastics, 60 deal with metal, 54 with paper, 14 with "long-life
packaging" (generally speaking, Tetra brik), and 15 with glass, batteries
and piles, and tires.

The Brazilian recycling market was supposedly R$6.5 billion in 2004. Cempre
says that Brazil recycles about 10% of its urban solid wastes, and that
95.7% of aluminum cans were recycled in 2004, 79% of cardboard, 49% of steel
cans, 48% of PET, 46% of glass packaging, 39% of scrap tires, 33% of paper,
22% of "long-life" packaging, plastics as a group, 16.5%. Composting of
organic wastes is reported at 1.5%.
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