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[greenyes] 14 years later...

(from Waste News)

By Pete Fehrenbach

The Des Moines Register reported yesterday that starting in January, Iowa
landfills will have to comply with a federal law requiring that disposal

be lined with clay or plastic to keep leachate from leaking

-- or should that be leakage from leaching? -- into local


The law referred to but not identified in the story is

Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

According to the article, Iowa is the last state in the

Midwest to enforce the rule. Which makes me wonder: Am I the

only one who's surprised that Subtitle D -- enacted all the

way back during the reign of George Bush I -- isn't the law

of the land everywhere?

Eric Lombardi

Executive Director

Eco-Cycle Inc


"Anything that changes your values, changes your behavior"
George Sheehan.

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