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[greenyes] Job Opening

Eureka Recycling is hiring a Customer Service Manager. The full job
description is available on our website at

Eureka Recycling is seeking a motivated, organized, detail-oriented
individual with demonstrated success in customer service. This person must
be able to make decisions based on a solid understanding of established
policies and procedures. This is not a typical customer service position.
Eureka Recycling's customer service is driven by its mission (in addition to
the short-term goal of solving immediate problems) and is a critical
component in maintaining the organization's highest operational practices
and ongoing communication with constituents about its mission. Because
customer service interacts with every aspect of the organization, this
person must be a team player who possesses excellent communication skills.

Eureka Recycling is a nonprofit organization that specializes in recycling
and waste reduction. It provides cutting-edge, economically sustainable
programs that serve the Twin Cities metro area, including the Twin Cities
Free Market, the recycled paper co-op, event recycling, compost workshops,
and more. Driven by a mission to demonstrate that waste is preventable, not
inevitable, Eureka Recycling's services, program and advocacy efforts are
designed to be cost-effective while ensuring the greatest environmental
benefits. For over 20 years, it has provided model, award-winning curbside
and apartment recycling collection and processing services, education and

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