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[greenyes] From LaptopLunches June Newsletter

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know about a website .... ....started by two "mothers" in California. CRI is
the featured website in their June newsletter.

Featured Web Site:

Did you know that over 130 billion beverage bottles and cans were
trashed in the United States last year? That?s up from 100 billion
wasted?not recycled?in 1999. That?s enough aluminum cans and glass & plastic
bottles to fill the Empire State Building 101 times.

Recycling glass saves resources and energy because glass
furnaces can burn at lower temperatures!
Growing beverage container waste in the US and worldwide calls
for greater awareness and education about consumption and recycling. The
Container Recycling Institute ( advocates
policies that foster consumer and producer responsibility for wasteful
packaging. One such policy, known as a container deposit system or "bottle
bill," ( results in container recycling rates that are
twice the national average. In eleven states, consumers pay a deposit of 5
or 10 cents. When they return their containers, their deposit is returned.
Because people want their money back, they're more likely to recycle their
cans and bottles instead of throwing them in the trash or littering.
Recycling saves energy and other valuable resources, creates jobs, and
reduces harmful green house emissions. Reduce container waste by packing
your beverages in reusable containers. If you must use disposables, remember
that it's your responsibility to recycle them.

Visit to find out how many beverage bottles and
cans have been trashed so far this year. Get the tools you need to pass a
bottle bill in your state at Download a
play about recycling that elementary school students can perform at

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