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[greenyes] Recycling Detective Investigation 3

Who Did It?


Store Clerk says: Everyone seems to be buying the same amount of everything as they usually do. Paper and soda sales are the same as they?ve always been.

Coal mine-

Coal Miner says: We have had to make more coal lately. I don?t know why.

Power plant-

Power Plant Operator says: We have had to increase our coal burning lately. We?ve had make power for can factory more because it needs 95% more energy than it used to need.

Can Factory-

Can Factory Worker says: I?m new here. I just heard we have to make original cans from a new material and not aluminum. It took less energy the other way. I don?t know why we can?t get any of that stuff.

Bauxite mine-

Bauxite Miner says: They have needed a lot more from us to make new cans, so we need to mine more bauxite. I guess the people need more soda.

Gas station-

Gas Station Attendant says: There has been more gas needed lately. The miners need a lot of gas too for their equipment and to haul it to the factories and plants. There was a big truck here the other day. It had a bunch of smelly stuff in it.

Oil rigs-

Oil Driller says: We have had to drill more oil for the gas station. I don?t know why. The pesticide factory needs some too.


Schoolboy says: Have you found out yet who hurt this poor fish? Well, tell me when you do. Here is something I need recycled.


Farmer says: I have been using more pesticide, but I?ve needed to in order to stop the pests. There is a lot more of them recently. There are less spiders and frogs to get them.


Logger says: I have been cutting down more trees. That?s what the paper factory wants. The spiders, frogs, birds, squirrels, raccoons, deer, and foxes have had less space so there aren?t as many of them.

Paper factory-

Paper Factory Worker says: We are just meeting the increased demand for paper from the store I guess.


Garbageman says: We have gotten a lot more garbage lately. Lots of paper and soda cans.

Recycling factory-

Recycling Factory Worker says: Here is our list of places we got cans and paper from last week.


Paper factory


Can factory

Ways to find out who did it-

Do they drink soda in a can?
How do they use their paper- write on only one side?
How do they carry their lunch-paperbag and plastic sandwich bag?
What is their snack and how is it packaged- in individual bag?
Do they care about nature?
What do they recycle- anything that was found at the crime scene?


1. Only drinks soda from plastic bottles.

2. Throws paper in garbage can.

3. Plastic lunchables.

4. Eats strawberries in reusable container.

5. Doesn?t like when he has to cut down too many trees because when that happens he has to go away somewhere else to find trees to cut.

6. Nothing

School boy-

1. Drinks soda cans.

2. Uses one side of paper.

3. Has paperbag lunch with plastic bag for sandwich.

4. Snack- Doritos.

5. I made birdhouses last week for homes for birds. I was very sad to find this sick fish here in the stream.

6. Glass bin

Can Factory Worker-

1. Drinks soda cans.

2. Don?t know.

3. Lunchbox. Plastic bag for sandwich.

4. Potato chips

5. Likes to hike in the woods

6. Aluminum recycling bin.

Paper Factory Worker-

1. Drinks water from thermos.

2. I always use both sides of papers.

3. Paper bag. Plastic bag for sandwich.

4. Eats apples.

5. Enjoys fishing in the stream.

6. Paper recycling bin.


1. Drinks soda cans.

2. Uses one side of paper. Throws away paper in garbage can.

3. Reusable cloth lunchbag. Plastic bag for sandwich.

4. Eats apples.

5. Nature helps make my farm work. It gets my crops pollinated and made this good, rich soil for me to grow my crops.

6. Compost bin.

Oil driller-

1. Drinks soda cans.

2. Hasn?t used any paper. Uses chalk slate.

3. Made lunchbox from used and clean milk jug. Plastic bag for sandwich.

4. Eats granola bars.

5. Tries to make less waste to preserve natural places.

6. Plastic #2 Recycling Bin.

Store clerk-

1. Drinks soda cans.

2. Asks for cardboard to use again for boxes. Uses both sides of paper.

3. Lunchbox. Asks if you would like a reusable bag for your purchases. Plastic bag for sandwich.

4. Snickers bar.

5. Goes bird-watching on the weekend.

6. Steel Recycling Bin.

Gas station attendant-

1. Doesn?t drink soda. Drinks water from used bottle.

2. Uses one side of paper.

3. Reusable cloth bag lunch. Plastic bag for sandwich.

4. Eats microwave popcorn.

5. Swims in a pond near him often

6. Plastic #2 Recycling Bin.

Coal miner-

1. Drinks only fruit juice.

2. Uses one side of paper but recycles it at paper factory.

3. Paperbag lunch.

4. Crackers in cracker bag.

5. Canoes along the stream for recreation and to see the natural beauty of it

6. No bin.

Bauxite miner-

1. Drinks soda. Gets soda from a soda fountain from cafeteria and uses a reusable mug each time.

2. Throws paper in garbage can.

3. Paperbag. Tupperware container for sandwich.

4. Potato chips in potato chip bag.

5. Goes to state parks and nature preserves to walk

6. Nothing

Power Plant Operator

1. Drinks soda can.

2. Uses both sides of paper, but throws it in the garbage can.

3. Paperbag. Sandwich in plastic bag.

4. Eats whole peaches.

5. Writes letters to the editors of newpapers about environmental issues.

6. Nothing.

Recycling factory worker-

1. Drinks soda cans.

2. Uses one side of paper.

3. Paperbag. Sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil.

4. Eats cookies from cardboard box.

5. Likes his job because it helps the environment

6. Takes garbage to be recycled where she works.


1. Drinks soda but gets it soda fountain filling a reusable mug.

2. Uses both sides of paper. Takes his paper and other recyclables to Recycling Factory.

3. Lunchbox. Tupperware container for sandwich.

4. Eats carrots in reusable container.

5. Goes mountain climbing in the summer

6. Non-recyclable bin.

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