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[greenyes] Question re: selling recyclables to recycling and incinerator companies

Dear all,

Has anybody made a comparison between how much the recycling market pays for XX tonnes of recyclables (paper, cardboard, PET, etc.) vs how much the incinerator industry pays for the same tonnes of the same material?

As you may know, Buenos Aires city is working on a Zero Waste law, and it´d be very useful for us to know if, regardless of the environmental and many other benefits of recycling over incinerating, and considering only the economic terms, a person that collects and sells recyclables would be more interested in selling his materials to a recycling company rather than an incinerator one (or viceversa). I know it may be different depending on the regions, but if you know of any study conducted or have data from your location please still let me know.

Thank you in advance,


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