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[greenyes] CAFTA, NAFTA can it block recycle content and green purchasing ordinances


Congress will be voting on the Central American Free Trade Act (CAFTA)
any day now. I attended a Sierra Club workshop on the environmental
effects of CAFTA and was told that a company or country could file a
protest or lawsuit against a government agency that has a preference for
purchasing green products, e.g., post consumer paper or green computers.

These lawsuits would be like the one Methanex, a Canadian firm, filed
against California for banning MTBE, a gasoline additive. They are suing
for $970 million over the phase out of MTBE as an unfair trade practice.
California is also being sued for a law that requires mining companies to
return the land to its original state. And Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed a
recycled tire in asphalt bill because it could have violated trade

Is anyone in the recycling world following CAFTA and it's potential
effects on recycling?

And do you know how your Congress person is voting on this issue? Two of
my local Congress people, Anna Eshoo (D) Palo Alto and Zoe Lofgren (D)
San Jose are possible swing votes on this issue. The Sierra Club is
coordinating "a contact your congress person action" right now and you
may want to check with them to see who the key legislators are for this

For more information visit

Ann Schneider
Mtn. View, CA

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