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[greenyes] Re: film recycling

 "film" as we refer to it in recycling, means thin flexible plastic; as opposed to rigid containers. Plastic grocery bags, retail bags, stretch wrap (used on shipping pallets -- basically the same stuff as Saran Wrap), plastic mailing envelopes (both LDPE and HDPE -- a.k.a. Tyvek) and many flexible food packages are examples of recyclable plastic film.  Rigid containers made of HDPE (#2) and LDPE (#4) plastics have a higher melt point and must normally be recycled separately from film products of the same polymer.


"Photographic Film" is actually polyester; as are the plastic printing plates that we use on our offset printing presses, shiny metallic balloons, many potato chip bags, and thousands of other photographic and packaging uses. Polyester film *can* be recycled, although it might be considered a contaminant in a load of grocery bags and stretch film.

Polyester film is PET, yes like beverage bottles. For recycling, PET film is not compatible with PET containers.

Side note: "Mylar" is DuPont's brand name for their polyester film used in various types of packaging.  

In lieu of recycling, the energy in PET film can be recovered when the film is used as fuel (our printing plates along with our waste inks are burned in a cement kiln used in the production of concrete).


I will find out how important it is for PET film to be separated from HDPE and LDPE when recycled into plastic lumber products.



In regards to "one of the problems with Capitalism". If my idea will not work, then I should fail and lose my investment; that is the beauty and great wisdom of Capitalism. That is why successful entrepreneurs and businesses do their homework and learn all they can about product viability before huge investments are made. In my need for funding, whether public or private, even more scrutiny should be (and would be) given to the idea.  Rarely does any product or business succeed without great commitment of research, money, time and effort.  When I helped develop the Recycling Market Development Grants here in Ohio, we purposefully structured a $ matching requirement for the requesting entities. The approval process involves both the public and private sector to study the viability. As it should be.  One of the most useful and productive roles of government is to assist businesses -- or just stay out of the way. The American form of Capitalism is the most productive and successful structure in the history of mankind.


Every day I risk all that I own, the well-being of my family, and the livelihood of all my employees, to pursue a dream.  



Dan Weisenbach  

Columbus, Ohio

 On Sun, 15 May 2005 11:33:14 -0700, Mike Morin wrote:
I don't know what you're referring to when you
> say plastic film. Isn't photo-chemical processing obsolete? Anyways,
> your query makes me think of one of the problems with Capitalism.
> That is, unless you can afford to lose it, you probably shouldn't
> take the risk. Some people can afford it, most can't.
> Working for peace and cooperation,
> Leland in Eugene
> MM
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: Dan Weisenbach
>> To: greenyes@no.address ; Samantha MacBride
>> Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2005 11:06 AM
>> Subject: [greenyes] post-consumer, bag & film recycling
>> I am designing a re-usable container for the household or office
>> collection of plastic film for recycling. My prototype has a
>> small, one-way opening to stuff bags and plastic film so it
>> compacts as you fill the container (patent pending). This could
>> be used for residential curbside collection (with container
>> exchange), office building recycling programs, and/or the
>> container could be mailed/shipped to a recycler.  All I need now
>> is funding to make this system a reality. Please let me know if
>> this is of any interest to your communities.  I would love to
>> take this project to next steps!
>> Dan Weisenbach
>> Columbus, Ohio

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