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[greenyes] REMINDER - NRC Awards Deadline is June 17th!!


APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE EMAILED TO Christine McCoy @ recyclegal@no.address
by 5pm on June 17th.

Hello All -

Don't forget that applications for the 2005 NRC Recognition Awards is
quickly approaching!!

We are very excited about this year's program and want to make sure that the
awards continue to be competitive and considered an honor within our
industry. You can help by nominating someone for this year's awards!

Each year, the NRC presents awards to outstanding organizations and
individuals in a number of categories.* Winners are selected by a committee
of NRC members and the awards are presented during the NRC's Annual Congress
& Exposition. For 2005, NRC seeks nominations for these awards:
? Outstanding Recycling Organization (for NRC-affiliated ROs)
? Recycler of the Year ? Lifetime Achievement
? Best Local Elected Recycling Leader
? Outstanding Corporate Leadership (The Schmitt Award)
? Outstanding Environmental & Community Leadership (The McClure Award)
? Outstanding Public Education (The Boettner Award)
? Outstanding Community or Government Program
? Outstanding College or University Program
? Outstanding K-12 School Program
? Outstanding Recycling Innovation ? Product or Process
? Outstanding Market Development
? Outstanding Minority Business/Individual Award
? BRBA Best Business or Government Buy Recycled Program

All nominations must be made by an NRC member, and NRC members may nominate
themselves. However, nominees are not required to be NRC members. Winners
are selected by a committee of NRC members led by Committee Chair Christine

Nominations are due Friday, June 17, 2005. For more information, visit the
NRC website at:

Thanks so much for helping to make this year's awards program a HUGE
success! Go fourth and nominate!


Christine McCoy



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