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Re: [greenyes] seeking clever "reduce, reuse, recycle" lists

One good habit that I think can reduce a lot of packaging is, when going out
to eat, bring along plastic containers for leftover food. It's hard one to
remember, but think of all those paper and styrofoam boxes.

-- Victor

Victor R. Aguiar
0 Waste Program Director
Ecology Action
P.O. Box 1188
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1188
831-426-5925, Extension 113

There is no such thing as garbage.

On 5/25/05 4:32 PM, "Melissa Kelley" wrote:

> Hello GreenYes Folks,
> I am developing a list of 10 ways to reduce, reuse and recycle for an
> apartment complex newsletter for a seniors apartment complex. Many of
> the seniors also still work. The manager is cooperative, but would
> prefer a list that is cute or amusing and not just the usual
> straightforward suggestions. I'm sure such a thing already exists. Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.
> Melissa Kelley
> Arcadia Marketing Services

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