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[greenyes] The Deadline for the call for presentations has been extended until February 10,
The Deadline for the call for presentations has been extended until February 10, 2005 for the CRRA/LA05 in Los Angeles July 10 -13, 2005.

To: CRRA Members, Sponsors and Exhibitors


The California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) hosted by the City of Los Angeles is pleased to celebrate 30 years of Resource Management leadership in California . This year the 29th Annual Conference will be held July 10 â 13, 2005 at the Downtown Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles , California . The City of Los Angeles , a leader in the world of recycling and composting programs was a founding member of CRRA 30 years ago.

Today as we examine thirty years of laws regulating wasting, the City of Los Angeles and the CRRA are eager to host the discussion that builds the new resource management consensus. This is a formal request to all CRRA members sponsors, and exhibitors to participate in the organizing and presentation of the California Resource Recovery Associationsâ 29th annual conference by proposing papers, programs (technical, political and entertainment) and policies to be part of the agenda.

 The 2005 CRRA Conference format has been developed to provide a organizational approach to building consensus on current and proposed statewide programs and policies. The four-day event will include technical training certificates and is designed to expand public awareness and promote the benefits of associating with CRRA and its members by involving the members and the âstake holdersâ in the discussion of where we go from hereâ. The Conference program will provide an opportunity to evaluate the past rules and results and seek statewide consensus for the development of resource management policies that include financial incentives, training, and clear directions.

Participation opportunities : Councils or other members can propose workshops for Sunday and if time permits, Wednesday. Panel speakers are needed as well as topics for sessions. Suggestions are encouraged for the keynote speaker spots. Exhibitors can propose an exhibit hall presentation and members with or without talent can apply to be part of the cast for the Entertainment at the âbig showâ.

Training on Sunday: We are open to proposals from Technical Councils, individuals and NGOâs who are CRRA members to propose nuts and bolts training and certificates of participations. Sunday events will be voluntary and may include a separate registration charge from the presenting organization providing the training. In the past the Sunday trainings have included workshops, public hearings and subject teach-ins. Proposer will be responsible for setting times and identifying speakers for workshops proposed for Sunday and Wednesday.

Monday and Tuesday Panel Sessions
We are seeking suggestions for speakers for the panel sessions. Twenty minutes will be allocated for each speaker at conference panels on Monday and Tuesday. Panels Topics for Monday and Tuesday that have been suggested but are not limited to include: Recovering U-waste and the countdown to the ban, Zero Waste goals and action plans, and progress to date, Effect increased redemption value on containers in CA., Politicians: How to get them to care , Why green building certification (ala LEED) so expensive? , Social marketing, Arts as Outreach, C and D Facilities , Using MRFs for processing, Governmental models for establishing Resource Recovery Parks, Clean Production tools, Multi-Family recycling: The last frontier, Tools to expand office building recycling, Reuse models. Counting to 50%, NRC and recycling, 'Planning for the Future of Recycling, Airport/large venue recycling, Dry Stream or Single-stream recycling pros & cons, Third world competition for recycled materials & long term effect, Wet stream recycling (adding food to green).

Exhibitor presentations
These should be twenty minutes long and depending on how many proposals we get will determine whether they will be held concurrently in the Exhibit Hall or staggered.

Casting call for the Tuesday Night for the Dinner and Awards show; The venue is the site of many Academy Award shows. We are looking for skits and acts that can provide both education and entertainment. If you sing, dance, tell jokes or want to be a straight person consider this the casting call. Limit all proposed acts to no more than ten minutes.

Wednesday will include the future of recycling, tours, and Technical Councils meetings and reruns of some workshops. Technical councils planning to put on meetings and workshops need to complete a proposal form.

The Deadline for papers, programs (technical, political and entertainment) and policies will be 5 PM February 10, 2005 . Our goal is to finalize the program and use the spring to promote the event. The speakers will be identified in that process.

How to Get Involved; Pick what you want to do (technical, political and entertainment) and policies and provide: A description of your presentation, or talent, your experience and opinion, a title and a summary of the subject, panel, act, and how this can fit into a Resource Management Training program certificate.

Panel discussions presentations should answer the following questions; What are the factors, which were responsible for the programs success? What are its limitations? What would you do differently if you had to do it again? What are the key decision points that someone interested in implementing your program needs to consider? What are the costs and programs results?

Talent and exhibitor presentations; Should summarize the presentation and include your part in the presentation.

Please include the following information: Proposal submitted by: Name, Organization, Street/Mailing Address, City/State/Zip, Phone, E-mail. Current CRRA/NRC member: YES__NO__?

Presentation Title (25 or less words),

Summary of Presentation (75 words), Talent Summary (75 words), Exhibitor Presentation Summary (75 words)

Important: If your application is accepted, you may be asked to submit a written paper or provide copy of your power point, preferably electronically, for use as a handout at the conference.

The presentation review panel will consider all submittals, establish the sessions to be part of each track, and contact prospective speakers.

Duplicate this form for multiple entries.

Applications must be e-mailed no later than 5:00 January 28, 2005 .

All speakers must be current CRRA or NRC members.

Proposals should acknowledge that speakers understand that they are responsible for paying all conference and travel-related expenses and are currently a member of CRRA/NRC.

Return to: Richard Anthony at ricanthony@no.address

Questions or comments should be directed to:
Rick Anthony, CRRA Conference Program, ricanthony@no.address
Judi Gregory, CRRA President, judigregry@no.address
Karen Coca, Conference Host, kacoca@no.address

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