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[greenyes] BioCycle West Coast Conference - March 7, 8, 9, 2005 San Francisco, CA

Forwarded by request:

Join your colleagues for the
Composting, Organics Recycling and Renewable Energy, March 7, 8, 9, 2005  in San Francisco, CA at the California Cathedral Hill Hotel

Register now to take advantage of the early bird discount

Plan now to spend three days in San Francisco, March 7-9, 2005, to learn how you can expand your composting, recycling and renewable energy programs.
Join us at the 21st BioCycle West Coast Conference at the Cathedral Hill Hotel.

Over 45 experienced speakers will present the latest in composting, recycling and renewable energy trends, technology and tackling tough issues on March 7 and 8. Local and national experts in compost use, food residuals management and air quality, renewable energy ... and composting issues will share their breath of knowledge on key issues, and will be available to answer your questions.

Conference attendees will learn how to gain political and financial support for diversion initiatives when budgets are tight and learn about the latest trends in anaerobic digestion to manage manure and food residuals.
Interactive sessions will focus on facility siting, collection options for mixed organics and how to tap into organics recyclers as energy producers.
Other presentations will cover hands-on tools to run compost and mulch production facilities under tighter air quality restrictions. For a detailed agenda, click here.

On Wednesday, March 9, conference attendees will have two options:

Option 1: All day site tours to regional composting facility processing over 100,000 tons/year of yard trimmings and residential and commercial organics in enclosed aerated static piles followed by curing in open windrows; Screening, grinding and composting equipment demonstrations; Compost, compost tea production at San Francisco golf course and park. Operations at a materials recovery facility.

Option 2: TRAINING WORKSHOP ? URBAN, SUBURBAN STORM WATER MANAGEMENT USING COMPOST-BASED BMPs Full-day training for compost manufacturers and marketers, storm water managers; Review of tools including filtration socks, compost blankets, filter berms, green roofs, vegetative filter strips; Experiments to test on-spec compost/mulch blends, sediment retention, flow through rates.

The ³BioCycle West Coast Conference 2005² is sponsored by BioCycle: The Journal of Composting & Organics Recycling, a national magazine based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. The Conference registration fee of $325 (after January 22, $395) includes attendance at all conference sessions and recycling/composting site tours. For registration, interested parties should call (610) 967-4135, ext. 21 or register on-line at

Register today

For more information on the conference or to register by phone, call
(610) 967-4135, ext. 21.






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