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Re: [greenyes] Specs for plastic lumber for highway posts
At 11:12 AM 1/3/2005 -0600, Reindl, John wrote:
Does anyone know of test data for plastic lumber for use as highway sign or
crash barrier posts?

King County (Washington State) and the City of Seattle have experience with this and there is info at:

ASTM has adopted a whole set of structural standards for plastic lumber. I haven't tried to use them so I don't know how helpful they are.

My Highway Commissioner said that the ACQ treated posts that they are using
for signs are not working, as the aluminum signs and metal bolts are rapidly
corroding -- to the point of the signs falling off the posts after six

This is very likely, but should be preventable by using stainless hardware and shimming the signs away from the posts with inert pads.

The Highway Department would like to try plastic lumber posts, but need test
data -- especially "break away ability'' -- to show that they are suitable.

My impression is that "plastic lumber" is extremely variable in properties. It needs to be matched carefully to the intended use.

Alan Muller
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