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Re: [greenyes] Wal-M.A.R.T.'s plastic bag color and plastic bag collection

We use to have an account to haul plastic bags from the lone Walmart store on Maui, however, even though they collected the bags at the front of their store, very rarely did the bags ever make it to the recycle bin we provided. After several months of non use, and multiple attempts at working with the store management on this problem, we pulled our bin and cancelled the account. It was easy money, but we are not in the business of helping companies green wash. I do not know if they currently have an account with another company for their plastic bags.

Shaun Stenshol
Maui Recycling Service
Bio-Beetle Rental Car
Maui Green Energy

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Subject: [greenyes] Wal-M.A.R.T.'s plastic bag color and plastic bag collection

I'm curious. I had presumed that Wal-M.A.R.T. had plastic bag collection boxes (similar to the one pictured here <>) for the public's use in all their stores as they do in the Northwest Arkansas region. If anyone knows of a Wal-M.A.R.T. store that doesn't regularly keep a plastic bag collection box(es) available would you kindly drop me a line by sending me an email (sp@no.address)?

Also, in the Northwest Arkansas region, the corporation, a couple of months ago, shifted from the use of blue vest-type carrier bags to white vest-type carrier bags. I'm wondering where else this may have happened. Why this was done, I don't know but the lighter color apparently makes the bags more easily dealt with in terms of their recyclability by plastic lumber manufactures. Again, would you mind dropping me a line?

Thanks much.


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