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[greenyes] Wal-M.A.R.T.'s plastic bag color and plastic bag collection

I'm curious. I had presumed that Wal-M.A.R.T. had plastic bag collection boxes (similar to the one pictured here <>) for the public's use in all their stores as they do in the Northwest Arkansas region. If anyone knows of a Wal-M.A.R.T. store that doesn't regularly keep a plastic bag collection box(es) available would you kindly drop me a line by sending me an email (sp@no.address)?

Also, in the Northwest Arkansas region, the corporation, a couple of months ago, shifted from the use of blue vest-type carrier bags to white vest-type carrier bags. I'm wondering where else this may have happened. Why this was done, I don't know but the lighter color apparently makes the bags more easily dealt with in terms of their recyclability by plastic lumber manufactures. Again, would you mind dropping me a line?

Thanks much.


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