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RE: [greenyes] PVC Report: US facing waste crisis

But...but......., according to a Steve Toloken article in the Dec.6
Waste News, the Industrial Designers Society of America has determined
that PVC has less of an environmental (life cycle) impact than PET or PP
(virgin or recycled)........

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From: Monica Wilson [mailto:mwilson@no.address]
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 11:00 AM
To: GRRN list
Subject: [greenyes] PVC Report: US facing waste crisis

PVC Report, Materials and Consumer Letters Posted on Web at See list below.

U.S. Facing Waste Crisis From Disposal of 70 Billion Pounds
of PVC in Next Decade

Pervasive PVC Plastic Used in Baby Shampoo Bottles,
Blister Packs and Toys Poses Serious Environmental and Health Threats
According to New Study

The United States is facing a looming waste crisis with a conservative
estimate of 70 billion pounds of PVC plastic (polyvinyl chloride) slated
for disposal in the next decade. Disposal rates are expected to sharply
increase as an estimated 125 billion pounds of PVC installed in the last
40 years in construction and other long lasting uses will need to be
disposed of as it reaches the end of its useful life. This pervasive
"poison plastic" is used in thousands of products, including pipes,
building materials (such as vinyl siding), consumer products (such as
tablecloths) and disposable packaging, and cannot be disposed of safely.
From 1966 to 2002, an estimated 250 billion pounds of PVC was used in
the U.S., with a doubling of use in the past 15 years alone. A new
report, PVC, Bad News Comes In Threes: The Poison Plastic, Health
Hazards & The Looming Waste Crisis, documents the health and
environmental hazards during manufacturing, product use and disposal,
and provides new national and state estimates on PVC waste incinerated
and landfilled.

Report Released in 20 States: Organizations in 20 states are holding 25
media events or news releases on December 7th. Click here for the
Calendar of State Media Activities.

National News Release: Contact Lois Gibbs, Executive Director, Center
for Health, Environment & Justice at 703-237-2249 or (Cell)

PVC, Bad News Come in Threes, the Poison Plastic, Health Hazards & the
Looming Waste Crisis - This 89-page report was written by the Center for
Health, Environment & Justice and the Environmental Health Strategy
Center. Top Ten States Incinerating PVC Waste - (pdf format or html
version) B-Roll tapes (Beta) which feature U.S. incinerators and
chemical production facilities are also available. Top Ten States
Landfilling PVC Waste - (pdf format or html version)

National PVC Consumption Trends Chart - (pdf format or (html version)
Major Findings of PVC Report - (pdf format or html version) Executive
Summary of PVC Report - (pdf format or html version)

Campaign Launched Urging Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft

to Switch to Available Safe Materials and Join Many Companies Phasing
out PVC

PVC Consumer Campaign Leaflet describes Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft
campaign -(pdf format or html version).

Click here to copy Sample Letter and get Email Address to Send to

Click here to copy Sample Letter and get Email Address to Send to
Johnson & Johnson

National Coalition Letters Sent to Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft
Asking for Endorsement of PVC-Free Pledge, 12/7/04

Previous Johnson & Johnson Communications from June to November 2004
Previous Microsoft Communication in October 2004

PVC-Free Pledge

Sample Companies Phasing Out PVC:

a.. Samsung June 2004 Announcement, Chemical Week article.
b.. Firestone October 2004 Media Statement
For more information, please contact CHEJ: Lois Gibbs, Executive
Director at 703-237-2249 or (Cell) 703- 627-9483 or BE SAFE Coordinator
Anne Rabe, 518-732-4538, annerabe@no.address

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