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[greenyes] green business cards

Hello folks -

The recent 'gift idea' greenyes email inspired me to share a similar notion
that I'm quickly instituting in greenGoat (it helps that it's my business,
but give it a try wherever you are). I've found a very small but constant
illustration of reuse that really strikes home with people: business cards
made out of cereal boxes.

In the very early days of greenGoat, I found myself headed to a conference
needing business cards and hadn't ordered any (or even gotten a logo, but
that's another story). I fretted for a bit and realized that I could print
out logos and details onto mailing labels and sticker *anything* with these.

So here was the final product:

PowerPoint file with a business card design repeated sixteen times
Avery Dennison smudge-free, full-sheet mailing labels (product code 8165)
an assortment of cereal/pasta/you-name-it boxes, separated at the seams into
single sheets

Print out the business card faces onto the mailing labels, peel and stick to
the box tops. Remember that some people like to write on the back of
business cards, so stick the sheet to the printed side of the box. Cut and
distribute. The cards are a LOT more substantial than run-of-the-mill
business cards, which is a bonus.

Yours very truly,

Amy Bauman
Director of Business Development
617-504-2095 (mobile)

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