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[greenyes] Re: Starbucks Recycled Content Cups

And speaking of "coatings", does anyone have an update on the
bio-plastic (like PLA) spray-on coating that was being developed
to replace the wax-cardboard boxes used by grocery stores?


Scott Seydel's company is making this product, working now to get
big vendors on board:

Mr. Scott O. Seydel
EvCo Research, LLC
1575 Northside Drive, NW
400 Atlanta Technology Center, Suite 450
Atlanta, GA 30318
Tel: 404-240-9946 dir
Email: Seydel@no.address


Bill Sheehan
Product Policy Project
P.O. Box 48433
Athens, GA 30604-8433
Tel: 706-613-0710
Email: bill@no.address

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