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Re: [greenyes] RE: [jtrnet] Starbucks

Going back on this tremendously interesting thread, I just want to add a point here - Starbucks would naturally prefer you take out the cup with their logo on it because you are effectively carrying around free advertising for them. They've positioned themselves as the friendly, premium brand, and every place there is a Starbucks logo they are conveying that message and all the brand attributes. Don't underestimate the power of this free advertising users do for them. Branding is a huge part of consumer marketing and a force in the marketplace; environmentalists understanding and leveraging this can go further with our brand and its attributes. I haven't seen one of these new cups yet but why don't we pressure Starbucks to put the recycle logo on the new cup, and maybe even some of the poetry printed on the cup could reference it?

On logos - if you've ever been to Hershey PA you know that's a branded company town. When Milton Hershey was alive he insisted on the town being (and it still is) utterly clean. He would pick up trash on the streets himself. However, when he found a Hershey wrapper on the ground, he would uncrumple it, smooth it out, and lay it back down on the ground, logo side up.

Starbucks is doing this by putting their companies everywhere - in grocery stores, Targets, etc. I gotta go, I think they're opening a Starbucks in my basement.

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Debra Lombard wrote:

Hi Pat,

How do you know they give a dime? I have never seen anything saying that posted??
That should be posted very clealy right at the register. And I agree with you a quarter would get a lot of people bringing their own. I know what Starbucks would say though........
Oh we couldn't ensure that the Starbucks quality would be consistent if peopel bring in there own cup...what I would say is that Starbucks then should decide to only use clean cups, from customers, and that shoudl be that.

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