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[greenyes] model contracts

Dear Colleague
The Ontario-based Association of Municipal Recycling Coordinators (AMRC) is starting work on a project to help municipalities produce a model recycling contract that ensures the right level of service, at the lowest net cost. Contractors have told advised AMRC that there are elements within contracts that inevitably result in higher costs, but don't necessarily need to be there. These include, for example:
* huge bid deposits
* performance bonds
* revenue risk share
* asking for so many permutations that the number of eligible bidders is reduced
* having response times that are just too short
The AMRC will review existing contracts, talking to municipalities and contractors, looking for best practices. We hope to have something by the spring.
Has anyone else out there studied this topic and if so would they be willing to share their findings? Alternatively, if you have an example of a really good contract, or a really bad contract (and why) that would be helpful, too.
Ben Bennett

Association of Municipal Recycling Coordinators
127 Wyndham St. N, Suite 100 Guelph, Ont. N1H 4E9
Tel: 519-823-1188 Fax: 519 823-0084
Email: bbc@no.address
Web site:

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