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[greenyes] need input for New Recycled Products

Every year we spend a great deal of time and financial resources to develop and
manufacture new products made of recycled materials. The continuing task, of course, is to
market and sell those products. The last couple of years have been wonderfully productive
for us as we added more new recycled products to our line than any recent time period
since the mid-80's and early-90's. We are in the planning stages of developing more new
products during 2005, and we would love to have your suggestions for recycled products
that might interest you or your constituents.
Our product line includes awareness and educational items (promotional/advertising),
awards and recognition, office products/supplies, school supplies, toys, automotive
accessories, housewares, tools, building supplies/products (small in size, not "building
We primarily work with
recycled papers -- we print, cut, configure, assemble, bind, pkg., etc.
recycled plastic -- we can utilize injection molding, extruding, or compression molding
(also recycled PET plastic converted to textiles that we can cut & sew)
recycled glass -- awards, vases
other material ideas?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!
Dan Weisenbach
Weisenbach Specialty Printing & Manufacturing, Inc.

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