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Re: [greenyes] buy remanufactured... Re: [greenyes] Epson

Personally, I would boycott companies like Epson and
 LEXMARK. I have found Cannon (and reason I bought the
printer) does have recycling program and does so
happen to have individual and the cheapest ink
cartridges (maybe because there are no computer chips
on them : ).

--- David Biddle <Dbiddle@no.address> wrote:

> Sorry I¹m jumping in the conversation a bit late,
> but the best place to stay
> abreast of a lot of these issues is ReCharger
> magazine. Go to
> <> . There¹s a good amount
> of stuff on Epson and HP
> in the archives -- their efforts to thwart
> remanufacturers, and
> remanufacturers efforts to thwart OEMs, etc. As an
> example, check out

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