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[greenyes] Global Warming and the Sounds of Silence

With reference to the CAPITALIZED sentence in the article excerpted below
TERRORISM"), I just cannot grasp how the Presidential campaign has been all
but devoid of any mention -- other than in one or at most two fleeting and
passing asides from John Kerry when he is given the chance -- of what quite
likely will wind up being the defining issue for the increasingly
inhospitable world that we are bequeathing to our children.

To the nearest that I can understand, this moral abdication has occurred
because polling showed that the environment didn't register above the
cacophony of the war in Iraq and the war between the secular and
fundamentalist worlds colliding here in America.

But, to me, this has been a total and abject failure in imagination on our
parts. To let ourselves be passive receptors of poll numbers, without
strategizing on how to proactively redefine the national temper, for example
by the equation of threats from terrorism as from global warming, not to
mention the growing shortage of potable water on a global scale, is

As I look at my 7 year old boy in his Halloween costume, and playing merrily
with his Pokemon action figures, I kick myself for letting myself be
consumed by the coming and going of our busy busy lives, while the single
defining foul up of our generation (and the two that came before), ramps up
to levels which may have already entered a feedback loop from which there is
no turning back.

I can no longer look at myself in the mirror as I shave without, for the
first time in my life -- because I have always otherwise been so concertedly
optimistic about being a part of the beauty of being alive -- shaking with
fear and anger, at myself as much as those horse's behinds in their Hummers
and SUV trucks.

How can I have sat back and let the miracle of our lives ineluctably unravel
before our eyes is something I cannot answer because of what it says about


US must act over climate says Queen

Mark Townsend and Gaby Hinsliff
Sunday October 31, 2004
The Observer

The Queen has made a rare intervention in world politics to warn Tony Blair
of her grave concerns over the White House's stance on global warming.
She is understood to have asked Downing Street to lobby the US after
observing the alarming impact of Britain's changing weather on her estates
at Balmoral in Scotland and Sandringham in Norfolk. The revelation gives an
unusual glimpse into the mind of the monarch, who normally strives to stay
above politics.
Further evidence of the Queen's views on global warming will be seen this
week when she opens one of the most high-profile conferences ever staged in
Europe on the issue. She is keen for this to be interpreted as a symbolic
and political statement.

The Berlin summit will come a day after the US presidential elections and
its outcome will dictate the tone of key climate talks. George Bush's
administration has remained hostile to international attempts to reduce
emissions of climate change gases.

'There has been dialogue between Downing Street and Buckingham Palace on all
issues relating to climate change including the US position and the latest
science. She is very keen to get involved,' said one of the UK's most
eminent experts on climate change, who agreed to speak to The Observer on
condition of anonymity.
He added: 'From her own observations on the climate she has become worried
like the rest of us. She has made it clear she wants to raise the importance
of the issue.'

In addition to her own fieldwork, the Queen was inspired by briefing papers
supplied by Blair's chief scientist, Sir David King - WHO HAS DESCRIBED THE
Schellnhuber, research director of the Tyndall Centre, where Britain's
pioneering work on global warming is conducted.

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