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Re: [greenyes] Setting the Record Straight in NYC re: MTS's

At 01:51 PM 8/14/2004 -0700, Timothy Logan wrote:
A number of people from outside NYC have tangentially watched the work being done inside NYC for years by the advocacy community as well as legislation from the City Council and the Administration.

I am one of these and I understand that sophisticated advocates in NYC have worked very hard... But I have not seen much indication that the bigger picture of the being harm done elsewhere by the mishandling of this issue has been on the mind of NYC activists, nor have I seen, until this message, any request for broader involvement.

So if y'all could pitch in and flood our Mayor and our Council speaker with letters asking for Zero Waste in NYC 'cause your mad as hell and you ain't gonna take our sh*t anymore maybe, just maybe we can get some movement...please feel free to cc the whole damn print/news media in this town.

A very good idea and one that would be much facilitated if contact information was provided. We would be happy to ask our members to do this.

In the meantime, the reuse of the MTS's is imperative to both the export issue in the immediate future and the Zero Waste planning for the longer term.

Well, "zero waste" is a no-brainer. The issue of the MTS is not as clear--to me, anyway--and I think it people may need to be shown that this is not a step that would make it easier for the City to continue dumping and burning it's garbage in OTHER PEOPLE's communities.


Alan Muller

Alan Muller, Executive Director
Green Delaware
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Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
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