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[greenyes] Setting the Record Straigh in NYC re: MTS's

A number of people from outside NYC have tangentially watched the work being done inside NYC for years by the advocacy community as well as legislation from the City Council and the Administration. The advocacy community within NYC has appreciated whatever help you've been able to offer. At this point the greatest thing that could be done from outside NYC is to loudly raise your voices and your elected representatives voices to call for Zero Waste planning in NYC. The folks in NYC have done our homework - particularly those in the Environmental Justice community. It's because of the work done here that the MTS's are likely to be retrofitted, it's also because of the work done here that Zero Waste has entered the conversation in NYC. We have a majority of the City Council on board with a Zero Waste Resolutioin (Intro. 174) calling for Zero Waste by 2024 utilizing the current Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) process. The local communities are dealing with the highest asthma
rates in the country - that's why we need the damn MTS's reopened. They provide the opportunity to relieve low-income communities within NYC and along truck transportation corridors outside NYC of vast amounts of diesel emissions.

The local advocates have also recognized that the MTS's could be utilized for movements within the City to reduce truck traffic and have advocated for such in our own Zero Waste plan released in June (ttp:// And guess who came up with the idea to put this plan together? The Environmental Justice commmunity again. I'd like the folks outside NYC to understand that the folks here in NYC are workin' our asses off to bring about change...(sometimes in spite of our own livelihoods). So if y'all could pitch in and flood our Mayor and our Council speaker with letters asking for Zero Waste in NYC 'cause your mad as hell and you ain't gonna take our sh*t anymore maybe, just maybe we can get some movement...please feel free to cc the whole damn print/news media in this town. In the meantime, the reuse of the MTS's is imperative to both the export issue in the immediate future and the Zero Waste planning for the longer term.


Timothy J.W. Logan

P.S. Forgive me for blowin' off a little bit of steam.

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