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[greenyes] Invitation from GAIA for GDAW 2004

Dear GreenYes Friends,

Warm greetings from the GAIA Secretariat.

We write once again to urge you to get involved in the
GAIA-organized Global Day of Action on Waste on 1
September 2004. As of today, 80 groups and individuals
from 33 countries ? from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe - have
confirmed their intent to take part.

Why is your participation very important?

The following letter from Peter Lach-Newinsky of the
Residents Against Dioxins (RAD) in the Southern
Highlands, Australia gives good reason for you to

?We think both the Global Day of Action on Waste and
GAIA itself a very good idea for global networking and
awareness-raising. It is good to see citizens all over the
world communicating and learning from each other as they
fight similar struggles. We need to be as global in our
resistance as our adversaries are in their capital-driven
attempts to trash the planet and our health for short-term
shareholder gain.?

We hope that you will adopt GDAW 2004 as your own
project for global citizen cooperation and planet
stewardship. Whatever you can do on 1 September (or any
suitable date) ? from working with the media, disseminating
information to staging direct action - will be your
contribution to this global initiative on waste. Thank you
for your participation!

What are GAIA members and friends planning for GDAW

Here are some examples:

The Centro de Protección a la Naturaleza of Argentia will
discuss over their slot in the University Radio the Health
Care Without Harm?s campaign on the hazards of mercury.

The Coordinamento dei Comitati della Piana, together with
seven other groups from all over Italy, will work with the
media to publicize GDAW and their position against waste
incineration and for alternatives.

Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE),
whose motto is ?Take Waste Down to Zero?, will hold a
national demonstration in Dublin against incineration and for
Zero Waste.

Non-Incineration Citizens will hold a symposium on waste
issues, with speakers from citizens? groups and government

Groups belonging to the Ecological Waste Coalition of the
Philippines, together with affected communities, will take
action on a controversial 11-hectare dumpsite, which is
threatening to contaminate nearby fish and shrimp ponds.

Ekologistak Martxan, which is active in Euskadi (Basque), is
mobilizing community members to form a human chain to
dramatize their opposition to the planned construction of
two incinerators in Gipuzkoa province.

The Centre for Environmental Justice is coordinating with
likeminded groups and using GDAW as an opportunity to
begin a major campaign on waste in Sri Lanka.

Ecopravo-Lviv" will publish excerpts of the ?Waste
Incineration: A Dying Technology? in their Environmental
Advocacy Journal, which is distributed free to NGOs and
citizens in Ukraine.

Cancer Action New York will use the GDAW to commence
a campaign for governmental action on the problem of
disposal of PVC siding and pressure treated lumber.

Get Involved!

It is our hope that you will be able to play a part in this
year?s GDAW.

To join, please sign-up at:

Thank you once again for your support and participation.

In solidarity,

Manny C. Calonzo

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