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[greenyes] Elections

As the many Fall elections get closer I am reminded of my favorite quote, from who I do not know, but it goes something like this;
"As Americans we have not only the opportunity, but the obligation, to legally overthrow our government every two years."
So plan on voting, whoever you choose, but for god's sake vote!

For those of you who count yourselves members of the National Recycling Coalition you have an added responsibility, to shape the future of this org through their board elections.
Remember, it does not matter who you vote for, it is only important that you participate in the process.
To this end, I am hoping someone on the list has done their homework regarding the NRC slate, unlike myself, and has compiled a q&a of the candidates. I know folks out in Cali have done this in the past, but cannot find anything on the web.
If you have seen anything, or know a group who has or will question the candidates, please post to the list, as the more we know about the candidates, the better we can serve the NRC by electing the most representative leaders possible.
Thanks for the help.....and happy voting!

Justin Stockdale
Recycling Coordinator
Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
PO Box 6189
Santa Fe, NM 87502-6189

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