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[greenyes] Building Materials Reuse Calculator

Free Software Calculates Benefits of Used Building
In some cases, used building materials are better
than new. To estimate how much better, you can use the
Building Materials Reuse Calculator created by New
York Wastematch. This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can
be downloaded free from their web site.

The calculator measures the environmental benefits of
reusing building materials in terms of 10 avoided
negative environmental impacts (global warming,
acidification, eutrophication, fossil fuel depletion,
water intake, criteria air pollutants, ecological
toxicity, human health, ozone depletion, smog) and in
terms of the embodied energy that the materials
contain, which is preserved when the materials are

This tool assumes that reused materials take the place
of new materials. The results include the
environmental impacts avoided from extracting and
processing raw materials, making them into finished
materials, and transporting them from the factory to
their points of use. The results also include the
energy that would have been required to produce equal
amounts of new products, based on the embodied energy
contained in the reused product.

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