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Re: [greenyes] Minneapolis processing contract

In a message dated 4/12/2004 7:16:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
diannak@no.address writes:Although we are disappointed that Eureka Recycling was
not selected, we are writing today to call your attention to the benefits that
process did bring about. Most importantly, we are awed by the community
support for our
organization and your knowledge and commitment to recycling

Monday am afterthought:

The new frontier is the multi family and commercial collections. In many
cities an organized dedicated market based collection and processing group can
provide effective and efficient service for high quality reusable, repairable
and recyclable materials from multi family and commercial collection areas. In
the business of zero waste, markets are key. Mandatory source separation
should be the rule. Best of Luck,

San Diego, California

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