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RE: [greenyes] Mining and e waste

Well, one thing I noticed is that every time there is a new report on subsidies for virgin materials, everyone agrees it s bad but NO ONE does anything.

Its true industry is not going to voluntarily lobby to kills subsidies, because

A. they dont want their material costs to go up
B. They already have to compete on cost with low-cost no names in Asia

Things like this need leadership from somewhere, and we never get it in Congress.

There needs to be a balance -- China has all the stuff going for it right now. We need leadership in congress and above to DEAL with it in a balanced way. Bush is not -- he is too tied to oil and wants to keep industry happy at all costs.

This is all costing us dearly.

Just wanted to keep thought processes going.

Yes my customers are mostly industry, but I am independent, and they do not have control over the newsletters. I call the shots as I see them.


At 04:06 PM 4/6/2004 -0600, Eric Lombardi wrote:

There are actually a lot of environmentalists fighting to change the
Mining Act of 1872 (I think that's the year) ... but you're right that
the "secondary materials industry" (i.e. the recyclers) haven't
connected with this issue the way we should. But there are reasons for
that Michele, and if you're sincere in suggesting that we do something
on this issue, then you need to also discuss the issue of how Big
Business in America doesn't like to get "political" UNLESS it impacts
them directly, then they just march an army of lobbyists into
Washington. The point being that it's a very rare thing for "an
industry" to fight against "an industry". Do you get my point?

What this means is that other than the environmental wing of the
secondary materials industry, it's going to be hard to get the Big
Recycling Companies that have lobbyists, like Waste Management or
Weyerhaeuser, for example, to join in on a fight that pits big business
against big business. And you of all people, who works closely with
some big international firms, should know how adverse big business is to
social activism.

However, maybe the time is ripe and some Big Recycling Companies exist
out there that are willing to join in the fight against the Mining Act.
Do you happen to know of any? Certainly it would be a good fight and
well worth fighting.


Eric Lombardi
Executive Director
Eco-Cycle, Inc
Boulder, CO
"Recycling may not save the world, but the recycling spirit might."

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Robin Ingenthron (Good Pint Recycling) always points out that half of
haz waste comes from MINING.

I saw a piece on 60 Minutes about a horrible coal slurry that wrecked
of W VA and KY -- and Bush tried to sweep it a bit.

Robin also notes that recycling e-waste is 300 times more beneficial for

environment than mining.

However, I dont see enviros screaming about mining disasters and
to get rid of the old Minig Act -- we are subsidizing all hard rocking
mining because industry doesnt have to pay hardly anything for the

if we were paying what we should for VIRGIN resources, E-waste recycling

would be much more economic, and local governments perhaps could break
on e-waste recycling.

Just a thought.

Michele Raymond
Recycling Laws International
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301 345 4237

Michele Raymond
Recycling Laws International/ State Recycling Laws Update
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