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[greenyes] Mining and e waste


Robin Ingenthron (Good Pint Recycling) always points out that half of our haz waste comes from MINING.

I saw a piece on 60 Minutes about a horrible coal slurry that wrecked part of W VA and KY -- and Bush tried to sweep it a bit.

Robin also notes that recycling e-waste is 300 times more beneficial for environment than mining.

However, I dont see enviros screaming about mining disasters and lobbying to get rid of the old Minig Act -- we are subsidizing all hard rocking mining because industry doesnt have to pay hardly anything for the rights.

if we were paying what we should for VIRGIN resources, E-waste recycling would be much more economic, and local governments perhaps could break even on e-waste recycling.

Just a thought.

Michele Raymond
Recycling Laws International
5111 Berwyn Rd. #115 College Park MD 20740
301 345 4237

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