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Re: [greenyes] Mining and e waste

That you "don't see enviros screaming about mining..." is a function of how
broadly you are looking. For instance,

The Clean Gold campaign is creating global corporate pressure around mining

GRRN's "Welfare for Waste" report, released in conjunction with Taxpayers for
Common Sense, highlighted the perverser regime of subsidies, such as those in
the 19th century mining act, and how those undercut re-use and recycling.

Can we "scream" about every issue there is? No. But that doesn't mean there is
silence in the world, so to speak.


Quoting Michele Raymond <michele@no.address>:

> Greenyesers:
> Robin Ingenthron (Good Pint Recycling) always points out that half of our
> haz waste comes from MINING.
> I saw a piece on 60 Minutes about a horrible coal slurry that wrecked part
> of W VA and KY -- and Bush tried to sweep it a bit.
> Robin also notes that recycling e-waste is 300 times more beneficial for
> environment than mining.
> However, I dont see enviros screaming about mining disasters and lobbying
> to get rid of the old Minig Act -- we are subsidizing all hard rocking
> mining because industry doesnt have to pay hardly anything for the rights.
> if we were paying what we should for VIRGIN resources, E-waste recycling
> would be much more economic, and local governments perhaps could break even
> on e-waste recycling.
> Just a thought.
> Michele Raymond
> Publisher
> Recycling Laws International
> 5111 Berwyn Rd. #115 College Park MD 20740
> 301 345 4237
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